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Service & Maintenance


With regular service and maintenance your air conditioner or commercial refrigeration will operate at maximum efficiency and minimum cost. Routine air conditioning servicing is the best way to guarantee premium performance, warranty compliance and longevity of your unit.

Our technicians are trained in all aspects of air conditioning maintenance to keep your air conditioner in peak condition.

Call us today to discuss a service and/or maintenance package to meet your needs.

A typical air conditioning service includes:

  • Checking the system’s condition and determining if repairs are needed.
  • Checking refrigerant charge levels and airflow.
  • Ensuring all electrical connections and components are working properly.
  • Checking for secure physical connections of individual parts.
  • Checking and cleaning the condensate drainage system.
  • Cleaning and adjusting blower components.
  • Checking the filters, and either cleaning or replacing them as necessary.

Our Maintenance includes:

  • Removal cleaning and re-fitting of filters
  • Checking refrigerant gas charge
  • Electrical integrity check
  • Greasing bearings where required
  • Tensioning fee belts where required
  • Mechanical integrity check
  • Flushing accessible drains
  • Clean condenser coil where required
  • Clean return air grills where required
  • Control system integrity check
  • Clean diffusers where required
  • Application of anti bacterial / fungal treatment
  • General inspection
  • Operational testing

(conditions apply)